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Bucharest is one of the most ancient cities in the Old Continent, and represents an important economic, historic and cultural centre of Eastern Europe. From the point of view of architecture, the city has a lot of aspects in common with Paris e per, hence the nickname of "Little Paris".

With a population of nearly two millions, the city is the sixth biggest capital in the European Union, and more than 3 million people crowd the financial and commercial district every day. Bucharest was also the first oil-lighted city in the world. Founded as a castle (Castle of Dâmboviţa).

The city today is in constant growth, but its historical past still lives in the mix of architectural styles which were left by the various ages: from the communist regime to the modern age.

The first mention of Bucharest in history dates from 1459, when the city became capital of the kingdom of Prince Vlad Tepes. The capital lies on the banks of river Dâmbovita, which flows into the river Argeş, an affluent of the Danube. Worthy of mention are the lakes Herastrau, Floreasca, Colentina and Tei, situated near the course of river Colentina.

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