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Arch of Triumph, Bucarest


Situated in the area north of Bucarest, at the crossroads of Bulevard Constantin Prezan, Alexandru Averescu and Alexandru Constantinescu. The arch is made of wood and stucco, and was raised in 1922 to commemorate the victorious participation of Romania in the First World War.
The arch is part of a group of similar monuments celebrating this triumph, like the Mărăşeşti Mausoleum, the Cross of Heroes on the Caraiman Mount, the Cathedral of Coronation of Alba Iulia and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Carol Park
Between 1935-36 the Arch was restructured and covered with stone, as its deteriorated aspect was spoiling the immaculate image of “Little Paris”.

Arco di Trionfo, Bucarest

The Arch has the shape of a parallelepiped, with a base of 25 mt x11, 5m x 27 (h). The pillars are provided with stairs inside, which lead to the top of a terrace , offering a wonderful view. The façades are decorated with sculptures, relieves, medallions, royal crowns and the faces of Queen Mary and King Ferdinand, two characters who played an important role in the union of the Rumanian principalities. In 1918. a group of prestigious sculptors contributed to the decorations: Ion Jalea, Cornel Medrea, Mac Constantinescu, Frederick Storck, Dimitrie Paciurea and Constantin Baraschi.


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