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Rumanian athenaeum, Bucharest


The history of the Rumanian athenaeum is deeply bound to the activities of the Cultural Society “Rumanian Athenaeum”, which was founded in 1865, with the purpose to create a space for Rumanian art, culture and science.
The Athenaeum is provided with a concert room, situated in the square George Enescu, where also the Filarmonica is headquartered.
The construction of the building started in 1886, thanks to a public fund raising. The building is preceded by a peristyle, lying over 6 columns. Under the peristyle are five medallions representing the most important Rumanian princes: Neagoe Basarab, Alexandru cel Bun, king Carol I, Vasile Lupu and Matei Basarab.

The athenaeum has a capacity of 600 seats, with 52 loggias. A big painting stand out from the drum of the dome, a work by Costin Petrescu, representing 25 scenes of Romanian history.

Ateneo Romeno, Bucarest

         Ticket office opening times 

Monday- closed
12:00 – 19:00 pm
Saturday- Sunday
16:00 – 19:00 pm
Sunday matinees
10:00 – 11:00
Ticket price for the “George Enescu” philharmonic varies according to the typology of concert: symphonic, chamber exc..
Symphonic concerts
26/34 RON (extraordinary concerts are apart)
Chamber concerts
8/16 RON (extraordinary concerts are apart)
Currently the athenaeum accepts NO RESERVATIONS via internet, mail or telephone, so the only way to purchase ticket is directly at the ticket office. However, on line booking is about to be implemented.


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