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Museum of natural history Grigore Antipa, Bucharest


Yet from the entrance the museum guides visitors through a fascinating time travel. Here it is possible to learn about the origins of the Universe, as well as other interesting explanations on the Earth, prehistoric animals and their extinction, the evolution theory and the extraordinary biodiversity of the world as we know it today.
Prince Alexandru Ghica is the founder of the “National Museum” of Bucharest. , and was supported in this initiative by his brother, Mihalache Ghica, a passionate of palaeontology who also made a significant donation of fish, birds, fossils, as well as Greek, Roman and Byzantine coins and minerals.

Museo nazionale di storia naturale Grigore Antipa, Bucarest

In the years 1973 – 1974 the museum played host to the first scientific mission abroad, which brought in the country a lot of new material from Tanzania, that has helped the realization of important scientific projects.       

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The museum is currently under restructuring works until the beginning of 2010



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