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Hanul lui Manuc, Bucharest


Hanul Manuc or Hanul lui Manuc is an important destination in Bucharest and a historic monument , which has been converted into a bed&breakfast, offering old fashioned rooms.
The woodenbuilding was raised in 1808 by a rich Armenian known as Manuc Bei, who lived in exile in Romania during the Turkish-Russian war.

The innovative architecture of the building distinguishes it from the rest of the XVIII century ‚Äúhan‚ÄĚ.
The han bought by Manuc Bei was part of larger possessions: DragomireŇütii din Vale, DragomireŇütii din Deal, Curtea Veche, Bolasca, TrńÉmudeasca, GiuleŇüti, PopeŇüti, Mudurgan, BrobodeŇ£, Hagi-Gheorghe, CuhneŇüti. According to documents of the age, the construction underground is rich of wine cellars, 23 shops, two large living rooms, servants rooms, kitchens and a bunker with a capacity of up to 500 persons.

On the upper floor are 107 roomsfor guests. The inner courtyard was provided with a cafeteria, a wine cellar and a small garden. The fa√ßade overlooking the river D√ĘmboviŇ£a¬† was protected by a stone levee.

Hanul lui Manuc, Bucarest

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