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The Technical Museum, Bucharest


The Technical Museum, Bucharest “Dimitrie Leonida” was conceived by the great Romanian scientist Leonida. Built in 1909 , the museum aimed at letting the world know about Romanian science, and its realization was inspired by the visit of Leonida to the national museum in Munich. In 1908 Leonida founded the first school for electricians and mechanicals, afterward he managed to collect the first items which would later end up in the museum.
There are numerous valuable pieces in the museum, which highlight the creative and inspired nature of the Romanian's people. The most important among these are:

Another important piece of the museum is the “Henri Coandă collection”, a tribute to the famous Romanian scientist through a series of pictures and reproductions.
Coandă’s has obtained in his career 700 patents all over the world, with more than 250 inventions.

Il Museo Tecnico “Dimitrie Leonida”

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